Trade Show Surveys - Customized Surveys - Event Surveys

Turnkey Surveys works with trade show organizers, associations, organizations, meeting planners, marketing teams, conferences, exhibitions, festivals, fairs, publications, cities, government and companies of all sizes helping them gather feedback through customized surveys. 

Trade Show & Event Surveys

Conference & Speaker Evaluations


Turnkey Surveys creates custom conference & speaker evaluations with real-time results onsite so you can keep a pulse on the program as it happens and review detailed reports after the event to help you plan for future conferences. 

Attendee Experience Programs


Attendee Experience Programs allow trade show organizers to get feedback from attendees at every touch point throughout the event giving them a holistic view of the entire attendee experience and measure their satisfaction at their events. These mini trade show surveys are an attendee favorite. 

Exhibitor Experience Programs


Similar to the Attendee Experience Program, the Exhibitor Experience Program measures the exhibitor satisfaction at every touch point through the event giving trade show organizers a realistic view from the exhibitor's standpoint. These mini trade show surveys are also a favorite for exhibitors because they're quick and easy!

Onsite Surveys


The Turnkey Surveys team administers your trade show surveys onsite in multiple ways including touch screen computers, kiosks and tablets. 

Pre-Event Surveys


Trade show surveys sent to your attendees and exhibitors before the event help gauge their expectations and create a baseline for post show surveys.

Post-Event Surveys


A great follow-up, post-event trade show surveys measure overall satisfaction of attendees & exhibitors and capture feedback from those that might not have provided it onsite. 

Customized Surveys & Studies


Brand Perception Studies

The purpose of a Brand Perception Study is to understand how the brand is viewed by the market, what attributes are preferred by customers and to identify how customers position your brand against competitors. Put more simply, it is to find out how customers “feel” about your brand. In a Brand Perception Study, we typically measure customer service, quality, value, features and the sales process by creating customized surveys to fit your brand. 

Member Surveys & Subscriber Feedback

Member surveys are typically done to get the "internal pulse" within an organization or association. In member customized surveys we work with the association or organization to customize questions to get the feedback needed. 

Getting feedback from your subscribers can help you gauge industry trends, look for opportunities in advertising and marketing, measure brand awareness and better understand their behaviors in order to serve up the content they want.   

Customer Service Surveys

Acquiring a new customer is five times more expensive than retaining an existing one. Turnkey Surveys can help you create a customer experience program with customized surveys allowing you to respond to issues, enhance your products and services and strengthen your relationship with existing customers. 

Focus Groups

A focus group gives people the opportunity to hear the thoughts and opinions of others, feed off each other and share feedback and insight in their own words and add more meaning to their answers than they would on a traditional survey. A survey can tell you that 75% of your customers are happy, a focus group might be able to tell you why 25% of your customers are not happy. 

Opinion Research- Citizen Polls

Our customized surveys programs help city and state government measure the success of economic development projects and local campaigns. We start by getting the opinions of the citizens of a community on current issues, measure periodically to keep a pulse on progress and then follow up to gauge citizens' perception on success. 

Economic Impact Studies

Economic impact studies help measure how much an event brings to a community in terms of revenue and how the revenue impacts the local economy. These studies help gain support of local businesses, citizens and government.