About Us

What We Do

Established in 2001, Turnkey Surveys helps companies measure customer satisfaction and experience with surveys.  

Turnkey Surveys is a division of Turnkey Marketing Strategies, Inc. giving us a competitive edge over other survey companies. Having good data is the key to any successful marketing campaign and we understand what data is needed and we know how to get it. 

Our Customers

Our customers are  trade show organizers, associations, organizations, meeting planners, marketing teams, conferences, exhibitions, festivals, fairs, publications, cities, government and companies of all sizes.  

Who We Are

Turnkey Surveys is owned by Stephanie Moore. Stephanie has a Bachelor Degree in Communications & Marketing and over 17 years of experience in marketing. 

Stephanie works with a team of some of the best in the industry and they work together to provide a customized experience for every customer because no two surveys should be the same.